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Welcome to Strategies for Cats, a book written by Bill A Johnston to “Change the Way You Think” so you can “Receive the Abundance You Deserve!” Buy NowFree Gift

Bill A Johnston

Author, Strategies for Cats

Bill A Johnston, author of Strategies for Cats, is an acclaimed inspirational, motivational speaker and President of Now Mobile Media. When you read this book or hear him speak, Bill wants you to “change the way you think,” so you can “receive the abundance you deserve.” He enjoys motivating sales-driven companies and working with businesses and organizations stuck in unproductive patterns. Helping them change their thinking inspires them to create new ideas, discover new direction, and take action to make great things happen.

The thing you want

How To Get the Thing You Want

Do you know how to get the thing you want? Sure, you can build a list of steps, create an action plan, set up some tasks on your calendar then begin to take action, but before you even start this process, ask yourself: “What do I want?” Most people are vague about...
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You Deserve Abundance

You Deserve a Life Filled With Abundance!

Every time I tell someone the title of my book they’re curious. That’s because “Strategies for Cats” is a metaphor. Yes, it is a story about “Kitty”, a homeless cat who receives a life filled with abundance, and I guess I could have used a person instead of my cat,...
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Think when you go to sleep

The Benefits of Changing the Way You Think

After spending thousands of hours writing a book, at the very end of the process it was time to design a cover. I didn’t realize how much time and effort goes into that process, but I can say when I show the printed version of “Strategies for Cats” to people, I always...
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As a big proponent of self-help classics, I’ve waited for a book that’s entertaining yet filled with life-changing insights to share with friends not familiar with these concepts. Finally it’s here!

Diana M. Needham

Principal, Needham Business Consulting

Teaching age-old principles and laws in an easy-to-understand way is my life’s work. When I read Strategies for Cats, I was delighted to see a very clever, easy-to-understand and apply, way for people to take that inevitable inner journey, dancing all the way.

Leslie Thomas Flowers

Best Selling Author, Champion: 21st Century Women

This story beautifully illustrates how our powerful but seemingly untamable thoughts set us up to struggle or thrive. As a cat lover, Kitty’s story from homeless to abundance is truly inspirational.

Melinda Thomas

Principal, Melinda Thomas Creative

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