Have you ever become so engaged accomplishing a goal or milestone you can’t see past the actual event once it’s complete? I can tell you, the Sunday after achieving #1 Amazon Best Seller status in three categories it was difficult being strategic about what’s next.

That’s why it’s important to convey to your subconscious mind (called “The Voice” in my book Strategies for Cats) you want more than one big thing (Strategy #2, Use your thoughts the right way to get the things you want). You want A LOT OF BIG THINGS. ABUNDANCE! And because “Your Voice” (your subconscious mind) is incredibly powerful, you have the ability to imprint those things ON Your Voice without worrying about the “how” part, even if you’re not dedicating any real time consciously thinking about it.

SO…how do you do it? Some people use affirmations, lists of things you read and dwell on as you are going to sleep or waking up. That’s the best time to communicate with Your Voice because your conscious mind is in “abeyance” (temporary inactivity). Prayer during the day is also another great time to do this, because prayer is the only time you can communicate directly with your subconscious mind AND God the Father Almighty (and God can do anything!).

I happen to use a video I created in PowerPoint then watch it on my iPad. I like this approach because unlike written lists, I can SEE what I’m asking for, making it easier to visualize. Adding the emotion is a little more difficult, but if you repeat the affirmations out loud while you’re watching them on video, it’s easy and fun to get excited…and that’s emotion!

Doing this every day when you go to sleep and wake up for 3-4 weeks means you should have a high level of “expectancy” (Strategy #20, Repetition. DO IT EVERY MORNING AND EVERY NIGHT. DON’T MISS ONE TIME OR YOU HAVE TO START OVER!).  You are expecting the next thing you are thinking about will happen. You have faith that it will happen. You believe it will happen (Strategy #4, Believe in your voice…believe in yourself!), or better yet it has already happened and now you are remembering it.

By actively thinking about these future big things even though you are in the trenches of completing the biggest thing in front of you, you’re not panicked after you have completed your goal. Instead, you’re confident the next idea you need will come from Your Voice (Strategy #1, Listen for the little voice), and will give you the nudge you need to take action (Strategy #12) and “move your paws”!

Bill A Johnston, Author, Strategies for Cats.

About Bill: Bill A Johnston is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Sales Consultant. His new book, Strategies for Cats, Change the Way You Think, Receive the Abundance You Deserve, recently reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list in three categories.  “When Garfield meets the movie ‘The Secret’”, as described by Jack Mize, Influencers Radio.

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