When someone evokes the word “faith”, there’s usually an assumption they’re talking about religion.  Just Google the word. It’s an endless string of articles tied to religion, yet the first definition of the word “faith” is not grounded in religion at all. Defined, faith is a “complete trust, confidence, or strong belief in someone or something”.

How amazing would it be if the “someone” you had complete trust and confidence in was you? That you had faith in you? The kind of faith that gave you the confidence you needed to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of. The kind of faith that gave you permission to lead others without self-doubt. The kind of infectious faith that truly creates joy, happiness, and wealth for you and your family?

There is a powerful self-help book hidden inside the story “Strategies for Cats” (Johnston, 2016), and of the many things you will learn when you read my book 3-5 times,”Strategies for Cats” teaches you how to have faith in you. Chapter 4 called “Good Vibrations” references Strategy #9, Create Faith. Early on The Voice asks Kitty if she has faith in The Voice, which really means faith in herself. It was when she said she did, when she “believed” in The Voice, she continued to receive an abundance of food, and from that point everything got better and better for her because the two of them were working together.

What it means for you is when your conscious mind, the part of your mind that has the power to make decisions, decides your subconscious mind can do anything, that you are a team, THAT’S where miracles can begin to happen. Here’s how it works:

Strategy #9 reads: “When you repeat something to yourself over and over again, and you believe it’s already happened (and “remembering” it makes it even more powerful), you are creating faith. When you have faith, you have the power to attract the things you want in your life.  Do this at the end of your day and the beginning of the next day for at least four to six weeks. Visualizing what you want is important, too. Visualizing what you want and combining it with emotions makes the message very clear to your subconscious mind. Repetition and expectancy create faith.”    

The last sentence is extremely powerful: “Repetition and expectancy create faith.” Breaking this down, the repetition part is clear. Asking for something the right way (Strategy #2), repeating it as a part of Positive Prayer (Strategy #15), that’s the role of repetition. The word “expectancy” has to do with your ATTITUDE! By expecting what it is you want, you are now confident it’s already happened. You are removing doubt because doubt can undo what you’re repeating to your subconscious mind, making your effort to change the way you think worthless.

Here’s one of the definitions of the word “expectancy”: “anticipatory belief or desire.” Belief in yourself, belief in your dream…your desire. Belief it will happen…belief it has already happened and now in the process of being manifested into your material life!

If you want a life filled with abundance, filled with the things you truly want, filled with joy and happiness, create faith in you!

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