How do you feel? Do you feel good or do you feel bad?

Did you know your subconscious mind (we’ll call “Your Voice”) doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, or right and wrong? It only knows what you’re thinking about all the time. And for the record, your conscious mind (we’ll call that “You”) decides what is good and what is bad.

In my book Strategies for Cats, when our cat is in the food field, The Voice tells Kitty, “Now…look at the ant hill next to you. When it is warm, it is filled with tens of thousands of ants. That is about how many thoughts you have every day, and because there are so many, it is impossible for you to keep track of the good ones or the bad ones. The only way to tell is by knowing how you feel.”

Researchers say it’s between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day!

So how do you feel? If you are feeling good, that means you have more good thoughts than bad thoughts, and if you think good thoughts you attract good things into your life. If you’re feeling bad, then you’re thinking bad thoughts, and you’re attract bad things into your life. It’s that simple.

According to Jennifer Read Hawthorn (2014, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World), as many as 80% of your thoughts are negative thoughts. If that’s true, then you’re leading a depressing life!

Now that you know how many thoughts you have in a day, you know you have to have more good thoughts versus bad thoughts, and You have the power to decide what happens with Your Voice, there are some simple steps you can take to immediately start thinking good thoughts, and thus feel good.

First, do you have a “feel good thought”? Strategy #8 is “Always Feel Good”. To accomplish this you must have a feel good thought. To make it real, your feel good thought should be a specific memory of a time and a place, a specific memory that has already happened, and the kind of specific memory that every time you remember it, you immediately feel good.

Many times when I talk about a feel good thought, people will respond with an answer that sounds right, but isn’t. “I think of God…and I feel good”. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that because God can do anything, but if you can remember a specific memory where God did something for you…THAT’S your feel good thought.

For me, my feel good thought is remembering my grandson Wes when he was 3-years old, reaching down to pick a flower. “Look Grandpa, a flower…oh…there’s a butterfly!” THAT is a specific memory of a place and time. Every time I remember it I feel good.

Here is the key: When you find yourself feeling bad, you’re thinking bad thoughts. STOP IT! This is the moment you begin to think about your feel good thought. A positive thought blocks a negative thought every time. Do this enough times in the course of your day, and your negative thoughts will eventually fade away, and because now you’re thinking more good thoughts versus bad thoughts, you will feel good, and when you feel good you attract good things into your life.

That’s how to feel good!

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