When I graduated from Syracuse University and got my first job in radio, I spent a lot of time “managing my career”, trying to maximize the opportunity I had as quickly as possible so I could get to the next level. So in the process of doing this I always found myself asking co-workers and family members the answers to big questions, like what I should do next. My thinking was they would all have my best interest at heart. I’m sure the majority did from time to time.

What all of those suggestions from all these people resulted in for me was to cloud my decision making process, and many times I made decisions that were not the right ones. Even my wife Cecelia kept saying “why are you asking them?”

I’ve learned as a part of creating this book is how your subconscious mind works. It doesn’t make decisions for you, doesn’t know what’s right from wrong, doesn’t know what’s good or bad, it only knows what you’re thinking, what you’re dreaming about, what you want. If you’re confused, then it’s confused too.

Let’s first start out by ending the confusion. Get clear what it is you want, then develop a method of repeating these desires, imagining these desires, visualizing these desires on a regular and methodical basis until you’ve imprinted what it is you want on it. And always use positive terms and always use present tense.

Now we’ve established that, let me ask you: Who knows the most about you? Who has remembered every turn you’ve made, every experience you’ve had, every person place or thing you’ve been exposed to and connected to, cares about you, loves you, works to keep you alive all the time? WHO?  The answer is YOU…and to be more specific your subconscious mind.  And although it will not make decisions for you, that’s for you and your conscious mind, it DOES give you the correct answers to questions that you want answered.

How do you do it? Get into a “sleepy state”, like you’re almost going to sleep, but then begin to ask the question you want answered. Dwell on it, concentrate on it, meditate on it, even fall asleep thinking about it. You can also do it right before you go to sleep. Ask your subconscious mind that question!

Your answer will not come immediately, but it will come. How? Ever be walking along and all of a sudden you get an idea? That idea IS your subconscious mind answering a question…a question you may have not even have asked on purpose, but it answered anyway. It comes as an idea, a nudge, and sometimes like a “little voice”.

LISTEN for the answer…and then trust yourself, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and believe in your subconscious mind’s ability to give you answers that will benefit you the most!

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