Everyone I talked to about writing this book said, “If you want to get paid to speak, if you want to be a sales consultant, you have to write a business book.” This is something I have struggled with because Strategies for Cats does not come across as a business book.  BUT IT IS.

You see, a business book “solves” a problem. If you’re a coach or a consultant or a speaker, you have to be a coach or consultant or speaker on a particular topic that solves the problem.  The problem Strategies for Cats solves is helping homeless cats find a warm place to live before winter comes (not a business problem unless you’re a homeless cat!).

So I searched on the Internet and looked for articles that started with “The Biggest Problems in Business Today”.  And, well, the “problems in business” are in the eye of the beholder. And of course, it depends on what kind of business we’re talking about: Global or local, private or public, entrepreneurial or mature. So there are many, many, business types with many, many problems.

But here are some business problem “themes” I was able to find:

  1. Uncertainty: This was #1. I saw this one the most.
  2. Decision making: Strategic thinking, problem solving, when to embrace change, cash flow, regulatory issues.
  3. Attraction: Sales, recruitment of great employees, diversity, team work, trust, connecting with customers, voice of the customer.
  4. Innovation: Where is the next big idea coming from, where are the new business channels?
  5. Leadership: Creating a high performance culture, winning, evergreen issues, dealing with competition, managing “fear”.

Yes, there are HUNDREDS of business issues, always changing, always the same. So HOW does the book Strategies for Cats address these business “problems”?

First, the book is a story versus a list. Stories are much easier to remember. And if the key moments in the story convey powerful business and life lessons, they’re easier to learn.

Second…there IS a list, the 22 Strategies for Cats. But the book is not arranged as a list. Each strategy is embedded in the story. After each chapter the Strategy is highlighted and repeated, but the presentation is not a business presentation…it’s just a presentation. As Jack Mize, Influencers Radio Host says, “Just read it, and then see what happens.”

The Strategies can be broken up into three logical and powerful buckets that have a specific flow:

1. Purposeful Thinking. THINKING WITH A PURPOSE. Leaders are paid to think! A full 10 of the Strategies are devoted to how you think, how TO think, how to ask for answers to your questions, and attracting the things you think about most into your life.

2. Faith / Belief in Yourself. When you discover you have this incredibly powerful mind, see how it works, attract amazing things into your life, get powerful answers to your questions, you begin to have faith in yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. Only 2 Strategies devoted to Faith / Belief, but they’re important.

3. Take Action. Now that your mind is working for you, now that you have faith in yourself, you believe in yourself, when the road map is clear and the opportunity presents itself, TAKE ACTION! Make it happen! Move forward! Receive that abundance you deserve! (10 Strategies are dedicated to taking action).

So as we circle back to the five business “themes” that are problems, EVERY one of them can be addressed by starting with purposeful thinking, then having faith in yourself, believing in yourself, so you have the confidence and enthusiasm to take action!

Strategies for Cats IS a business book!

About Bill: Bill A Johnston is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Sales Consultant. His new book, Strategies for Cats, Change the Way You Think, Receive the Abundance You Deserve, recently reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list in three categories.  His easy-to-read story about a homeless cat improves lives.

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