Do you know how to get the thing you want? Sure, you can build a list of steps, create an action plan, set up some tasks on your calendar then begin to take action, but before you even start this process, ask yourself:

“What do I want?”

Most people are vague about their answer. They could say something like “I want to be rich”, “I want to be happy,” or better yet, “I want world peace,” but none of them are clear enough to you or your subconscious mind to be attracted into your life.

So how do you get the thing you want?

  1. Clearly define what it is you want. Have fun with this. For example, instead of saying “I want a new car”, ask your subconscious mind for the exact kind of vehicle you want with emotion and feeling: “I want a 2016 Chevrolet Suburban in my garage, ready for my next trip to Georgia. It’s black, has grey leather seats, a rear view camera, and that smell! That new car smell! When I open the door to sit in the driver’s seat, I can hear that sound of me sliding across the seat, I grab the leather steering wheel, start it up to the sound of beautiful music from my radio, the bell rings to remind me to snap my seat belt on, I back out using my rear view mirror, then slowly drive to the stop sign. And wow…do I feel good!”

Now here’s a rule: At the idea conception stage, don’t dwell on the “how” part. When you do, you’ll fill your mind with doubt, and when that happens, forget about it! Insert your feel good thought (Strategy #8, Always Feel Good) to block yourself from the “how” part.  At the right time, your subconscious mind will show you the “how” part. Listen for that!

  1. Sell it to your subconscious mind. Now that you’re clear about what you want, “sell” it to your subconscious mind. The idea here is to imprint what you are asking for on it. To accomplish this, you’ll want to put a few picture of the exact vehicle you want into your life. On your desk, in your locker, on the mirror in your bathroom, on your screen saver, and maybe even your smartphone. Every time you see that image, imagine smelling that smell, hearing that sound, enjoying the feeling of driving it to Georgia with your proud spouse in the passenger seat.

One more thing: Search for your vehicle on the internet! Like on, because every time you go to the internet, you’ll see even more images of the vehicle you’re attracting into your life.  And most important: Imagine all of this while going to sleep at night, then when you’re waking up, make it the first thing you think about. A picture of your vehicle next to your nightstand will be perfect for this. Allow yourself 3-4 weeks of doing this every day (and never miss a day!)

  1. Believe you already have it. As you visualize owning this vehicle, using your emotions, maybe even closing your eyes and imaging owning it, if you have used your thoughts the right way to get the things you want (Strategy #2), your subconscious mind is going to believe you already own it. Yes, this is a trick…but it’s exactly what you want to have happen. Walk around like you already own it! Remember already driving it.
  1. Expect it to materialize into your life. There’s no “wishing” or “hoping” here. You’ve beautifully sold your subconscious mind to the point that you possess this amazing expectancy! You have faith in your subconscious mind’s ability to attract this vehicle into your life.

What’s always fascinating to me is when you start this process, you’ll start seeing the Black Chevy Suburban everywhere! That’s good! Your subconscious mind is working! And remember, the universe likes speed. When the opportunity presents itself, when the “how” appears, take action (Strategy #12) so you can receive the abundance you deserve, like a 2016 Chevy Suburban!

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