What is the top? For people in sales, it’s being the top producer in your office, your company, or the world! It’s knowing you’re the best and you have the happy customers to back up your claim. And if you’re not in sales but you still want to create a new level of abundance in your life, these Five Steps to the Top can work for you too!

Here’s the secret: When most people strive to become something bigger or better, they always focus on situations and circumstances, then introduce the appropriate training, experience, or product knowledge. What the Five Steps to the Top does is help you understand the cause of every situation and circumstance. It’s always based on the way you think and what you habitually think about. That means real change in your life will occur when you think differently.

Here are the Five Steps to the Top:

  1. Understanding. Bob Proctor is quoted as saying, “Understanding preceded change”. It’s true! The greatest power in all creation is in your mind. When you combine it with the energy locked up in your body, that combination gives you the power to get what you want to get, do what you want to do and be who you want to be.
  1. Make a decision. When you now exactly what you want your goal to be, make a decision to have it come into your life. How will you achieve your goal? How will you get to the top? That will be revealed to you AFTER your decision is made.
  1. Get an idea. Be willing to receive an inspirational idea from the universe that will be the answer to “how” you will get to the top. When the idea comes in, use the Law of Polarity to see it in its most positive light so it can work for you.
  1. Persistence. The picture of you achieving this goal, being at the top, and enjoying a more abundant life has never existed until now. It can be very exciting, yet the greatest power in all creation in your mind has been conditioned to defeat you, so you must be persistent! Overlay this new idea over your subconscious mind. Your limiting beliefs will begin to crumble.
  1. Receive. When the people, places and resources you need suddenly begin moving towards you it’s no coincidence. It’s the universe conspiring to materialize your idea, your goal of being at the top. So BELIEVE in it! Believe in yourself, in the power of your mind, be thankful, be grateful, and don’t stop…don’t ever stop…until you have received the new level of abundance you deserve, and you are at the top!

Five Steps to the Top Sales Program: If you are a business owner or sales manager and believe your company has the potential for growth, the answer could be changing the way your salespeople think, and what they think about. To learn more about this powerful program and workshop, call Bill A Johnston: 919-223-8988.

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